Facebook executive believes Deep Learning will soon need a new programming language

By | May 18, 2019

Fb AI studies Director Yann LeCun believes that Deep getting to know will quickly need a new programming language this is extra bendy and less complicated to paintings with than Python. He didn’t say it became a necessity however this possibility in line with him runs against very entrenched from researchers and engineers.

He become speaking to VentureBeat regarding this and he also stated that aside from facebook, development teams from Google are also running on similar initiatives to layout an green language which could harness Deep getting to know capabilities. He stated, however, it wasn’t clear whether or not the developer community could be inclined to leave Python and opt for a new framework or no longer.

In keeping with the latest file by way of GitHub, Python is one of the maximum desired languages for builders working on device gaining knowledge of initiatives. It is also essentially the core of fb’s open source device gaining knowledge of framework PyTorch as well as Google’s very own TensorFlow.

Whilst imparting his studies paper at a convention, he stated that there should come a time while supervised learning may want to permit machines to learn a full-size quantity of background know-how, there can be a threat that machine may want to have its own not unusual sense. To obtain such progress, however, he stated we would need high-performance hardware which nonetheless isn’t to be had.

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